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Power Hosting Plan #1 Details


Orvado Hosting's power hosting plan gives you everything you need to run your small business or manage a small organization. We install and setup our proprietary intranet application to manage your web site and related business operations. This package runs on a SQL Server 2000 database.

This plan is ideal for small companies that have a 10-50 page site containing static content. You can create e-mail forms and other dynamic pages using CGI (Common Gateway Interface) pages. Free scripts are available for you to use on the Internet.

Plan Features

The following features are included in this package:

  • 300MB Disk Space
  • 10GB/yr Data Transfer
  • 15 E-Mail Accounts
  • SQL Server 2000 Database
  • User Access Control (intranet)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Article Management (intranet)
  • Member Registration/Login
  • Unlimited Aliases
  • Unlimited Forwards
  • Unlimited Auto-Responders
  • FTP Access
  • Web Administration
  • Web E-Mail Access
  • Web Statistics (Awstats)
  • Frontpage Extensions (on request)
  • $20 Setup Fee
  • $45/mo or $500/yr Hosting Fee
Please keep in mind that this is a standard package that we offer. If you require a more specialized hosting solution, please request a quote and ask us how we can help you to build your perfect site.

Instant Intranet!

One of the hallmarks of our hosting business is our custom intranet which provides you with all of the tools you need to run your Web site. An intranet is special site or area of your site used for managing your business. Among it's features are:

  • User Access Control
  • Content Management
  • Article Management
  • Task Manager
  • Timesheet Application
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Site-wide Search Engine
  • Database Management
  • Member Account Management
  • plus much much more
Best of all, the intranet is completely modular. This means we can configure the intranet to suit your needs. We can also build custom modules that are tailored specifically for your business needs. Orvado specializes in writing custom web applications.

View a side-by-side comparison of our hosting plans and compare them on a feature-by-feature basis. Or if you would like to request a quote on a site or ask any questions, click the button below:

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Featured Clients

Activex America

Custom features and clean design is why Activex America chose Orvado Technologies for a complete site redesign.
  • Web Admin
  • Web Mail
  • Email Forward
  • Domain Park
  • FTP / Frontpage
  • 5 E-Mail Accts
  • 100MB Storage
  • 2GB/yr Bandwidth
$10.00/mo More Information
  • Web Admin
  • Web Mail
  • Email Forward
  • Domain Park
  • FTP / Frontpage
  • 15 E-Mail Accts
  • 300MB Storage
  • 10GB/yr Bandwidth
$45.00/mo More Information
  • Web Admin
  • Web Mail
  • Email Forward
  • Domain Park
  • 20 Sub-Domains
  • 50 E-Mail Accts
  • 500MB Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
$55.00/mo More Information
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