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We offer premium services to support Microsoft™'s flagship database server product SQL Server™. We also offer limited support for Oracle™ and MySQL™ database under Windows and Unix-based operating systems. Please take a look at all of our services we offer.


Do you need assistance in installing your database server software? We can help you in installing and configuring your database server for use with your public web site or Intranet.

In most cases, we can have your database up and running the same day.

Don't forget that we provide SQL Server™ database services with our Site Hosting Packages. This is a great way to start out if you are on a budget.

Data Migration

If you are interested in transferring data from one system to another or possibly upgrading your data store, our Data Migration services is just what you need. We can transfer data from one database system to another and help you with modifications to your applications (where inconsistancies arise.)

Even if your data isn't already stored in a database system, we are able to migrate your data into a database. Our staff has lots of experience managing complex data imports and exports. Trash that out-dated legacy application and move your data to the Web!

Performance Analysis

We offer our performance analysis service to ensure that your database is running at peak efficiency. We can optimize the design and configuration of your database as well as recommend hardware that will speed up your database services and keep your business running smoothly.

Our employees have an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of all the popular database servers and will tune your database to maximize it's efficiency. You cannot afford not to take advantage of our expert knowledge.

Backup Your Data

As any systems administrator knows, the most valuable piece of insurance for your valued data is to implement a comprehensive backup strategy. By backing up your information, you ensure that you won't suffer a major catastrophe that wipes out a large portion of your business.

We offer full instructions and training for implementing a backup strategy. We also can build a custom backup system for you including all of the necessary hardware and applications needed. Your backups can be done automatically without the need for any human intervention. Contact us today to find out how we can protect your investments.

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