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We offer the following programming packages, if you don't see what you like get a quote:

Budget Solution:


Includes: 1 Web Page, your logo added, map to business, up to 500 words describing your business and a listing in our business service directory. You can get a domain name and hosting for an additional $49 per year with a $25 setup fee.

Solution #1:


Includes: 1-3 Web pages, scanned images, registration with major search engines, and basic layout (template)

Solution #2:


Includes: 4-6 web pages, optional interactivity (Choose from plugins), scanned images, registration with major search engines, and feedback or comment form.

Solution #3:


(Basic Business Package) Includes: 8-10 Web pages, scanned images, registration with major search engines, optional interactivity, Custom Layout, and feedback or comment form.

Solution #4:


Includes: Up to 25 pages, optional interactivity (Choose from plugins), scanned images, registration with major search engines +1000 more, and web site setup.

Custom Web Programming:

JavaScript/DHTML$65 per hour
SQL$65 per hour
Flash$50 per hour
ASP$65 per hour

If it is web application development you are seeking, look no further. Our staff has ample experience in creating powerful and unique web applications that satisfy your business needs.

All of our web applications are built using the highest standard of design expertise. The applications themselves contain error reporting to ensure that any problems with your site are quickly diagnosed and swiftly remedied. Our applications are extremely robust and well-tested to strict industry standards.

We only use industry standard solutions in building our web sites. This gives you peace-of-mind that your applications are backed by some of the largest corporations in the world. Read below all the advantages in choosing Orvado for your web application development.


All of our web applications are engineered for superior performance. This means that your application will never be unnecessarily complex and make your site slow to a crawl. We optimize and refine all of our applications to make sure your site runs with blazing speed.


Scalability means that your web Site will be able to scale as you grow. Unlike other web presence providers who throw up a rinky-dink site that can only handle a limitted amount of traffic, our sites are designed to effortlessly handle hundreds of simultaneous users.


Our web applications are built with redundant systems. This means that there is not one single point of failure in the system. If one point happens to fail, another system is in place to take over where the other left off. This ensures that your application never fails.


If, for any reason, you feel that your web application is not performing properly, please feel free to notify us of the situation. In many cases, we will swiftly remedy the situation for free. We pride ourselves in offering stellar customer service and support.


It is hard to create a One-Size-Fits-All pricing solution, because of the different types of web site and budget that a business or individual may have. So, Orvado has created a few pricing packages for a standard web site and we also do custom quotes for the project that does not fit in any group. Services in which we specialize include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Website layout and design
  • Graphic design
  • Java and JavaScript programming (to add interactivity to websites)
  • ASP programming (to add powerful interactivity to a website)
  • SQL databases
  • E-commerce
  • Website promotion and marketing

Three basic sample solutions to give you an idea of the prices that we charge are listed below. If you do not feel that your needs fit into any of the solutions, we will do a custom quote for you.


  • All websites may have their own domain name (, but a separate $15.00 fee applies for registration.
  • All prices are in United States Dollars (USD)
  • Navigational buttons and toolbars are not counted as graphics in the samples below.
  • Prices do not include hosting fees

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