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Programming FAQ

Orvado is proud to offer the finest programming services available today. We can manage your custom web applications from the smallest single-page form to a complex custom multi-page program.

Why do I need programming for my web Site?
Programming or web applications handle the organization and management of data for your site. They track your customer information, help your users find what they need on your site, and build dynamic, interactive features on your site.

We also provide applications for site administration and your company's Intranet. This will allow you to easily make changes to your web Site and generate reports on your site data anytime you like. An Intranet can help you manage your business files and data.

What programming languages do you use?
Our primary language of choice for servers running the Microsoft™ operating system is Active Server Pages (ASP). This comes built-in with Microsoft's web server software Internet Information Server™ (IIS) and performs extremely well.

For our clients who wish to develop their sites under a UNIX-based operating system, our language of choice is PHP. PHP provides excellent performance and features with unparalleled compatibility among different Unix-like operating systems.

What type of programming services are available?
Mainly, we concentrate on building web applications for our client's sites. We also provide services for maintaining your existing program code. We can also add features to your custom applications if you have access to the source code.

We provide programming for database servers (Oracle PL/SQL and Microsoft Transact-SQL) as well as server-side scripting languages (Active Server Pages or Perl) and client-side scripting languages (JavaScript). As part of our Graphic Design services, we also offer custom Flash™ programming.

What type of applications do you develop?
Orvado has the ability to develop a wide variety of custom applications for the Web. Most of our applications are built to interact with a database server to store information important to your business. In most cases, there is nothing too difficult or complex for us to build for you. Give us a call and let us know how we can help your business succeed.

How long will the programming take?
Answering this question really depends on the specific requirements for your site. Because we have a large code-base, we can often have your programming job done in a week (for simple applications).

Orvado Technologies offers a custom Intranet application to help you manage all aspects of your Web site and your database. This is an exclusive product of Orvado that you won't find anywhere else.

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