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Linux Docs
Dec 13, 2007

Linux Docs is a complete resource site for the Linux operating system. It contains on-line reference docs with a comprehensive site-wide search. Additional features include message forums, news articles, membership management and a suite of site administration tools.

When we set out to build Linux Docs, our key focus was to provide a useful resource site where Linux developers and users could quickly and easily locate information about Linux and the software it runs.

Our result was to provide a two-fold solution which captured the best elements of the most popular search engines. The primary method of locating information is our site-wide search which appears at the top of the home page. Secondly, we built a directory much like Yahoo™'s which allows users to browse categories to find information.

Currently, Linux Docs has categorized over 10,000 pages of documentation which are fully indexed by the search engine. All current manual pages and HOWTO documents are available for easy perusal. Manual pages contain embedded hyperlinks to allow easy navigation to referenced documents.


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