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Veridian Financial
Dec 06, 2007

The veridian financial website tracks the process of loan applications from beginning to finish. Visitors may contact the company for information on mortgage loans for their home using a simple application form. These applications are assigned to loan officers who can respond to these requests and manage various aspects of the loan.

The site contains a complete company Intranet for managing all records in the system as well as a loan officer login which allows agents to manage their list of loans. They may go in and add comments about a loan as well as information about checks received and the current status of the loan.

This website contains a comprehensive reporting module which generates reports on the loans in the system. At a glance, the site administrator can view details about the current status of loans in the database. This reporting system is configurable so that you can create an unlimited variety of reports which display data in real time. You can even export this data into a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet for even more flexibility.


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