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The param object is used for passing parameters to objects. Objects (created by using the OBJECT element) include Active X objects (COM+) and Java applets.

All parameters are passed as name/value pairs. Both the name and value are defined by attributes within the element. A closing tag for this element is not allowed.


Attribute Description
ID Identifies this tag to reference in script (program code)
NAME Defines the name of the parameter you are passing
VALUE Defines the value for the parameter that you wish to pass to the object.
VALUETYPE Indicates the type of data you are passing via the VALUE attribute. May be one of the following: "data", "ref" or "object".
  • data - standard string data (this is the default)
  • ref - value is a URI from which to load the data
  • object - reference (id) for another object on the same document
TYPE Define the content type for the VALUE when the VALUETYPE is "ref". This is the MIME type specification and looks like: "text/html"


<P><OBJECT CLASSID="http://www.phpexample.com/analogclock.py">
<PARAM NAME="height" VALUE="40" VALUETYPE="data">
<PARAM NAME="width" VALUE="40" VALUETYPE="data">
This user agent cannot render Python applications.


HTML 4.01
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