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The OPTGROUP tag is used inside a select element to create groupings for long lists of options. By breaking up the list, it makes it easier for users who visit your site to discern choices.

You are not permitted to create nested option groups with this tag. You must include an ending tag with this element.


Attribute Description
ID Identifies this tag to reference in script (program code)
CLASS Define the class used to render this element (defined by a style sheet)
DISABLED Indicates that the group of options is currently disabled so the user cannot select any of the choices. They are still visible, the user is not allowed to select any choices.
LABEL Required attribute containing the label which should appear as a heading for the group of options


<FORM action="http://www.testmesite.com/test.php" method="post">
 <SELECT name="ComOS">
     <OPTION selected label="none" value="none">None</OPTION>
     <OPTGROUP label="PortMaster 3">
       <OPTION label="3.7.1" value="pm3_3.7.1">PortMaster 3 with ComOS 3.7.1</OPTION>
       <OPTION label="3.7" value="pm3_3.7">PortMaster 3 with ComOS 3.7</OPTION>
       <OPTION label="3.5" value="pm3_3.5">PortMaster 3 with ComOS 3.5</OPTION>
     <OPTGROUP label="PortMaster 2">
       <OPTION label="3.7" value="pm2_3.7">PortMaster 2 with ComOS 3.7</OPTION>
       <OPTION label="3.5" value="pm2_3.5">PortMaster 2 with ComOS 3.5</OPTION>
     <OPTGROUP label="IRX">
       <OPTION label="3.7R" value="IRX_3.7R">IRX with ComOS 3.7R</OPTION>
       <OPTION label="3.5R" value="IRX_3.5R">IRX with ComOS 3.5R</OPTION>

Renders As:


HTML 4.01
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