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Use the OBJECT tag to reference an external object which will handle rendering of a specific part of the body. This may be an Active X (COM+) extension for the browser or a java applet.


Attribute Description
ID Identifies this tag to reference in script (program code)
CLASSID Specifies the location of an object's implementation via a URI. It may be used together, or as an alternative to the DATA attribute.
CODEBASE Defines the base URL used in resolving the URIs for the CLASSID, DATA and ARCHIVE attributes
DATA A URI location where data for the object may be found. This data may be images used by an applet, or a serialized version of classes needed to implement the object itself.
TYPE This is a mime type that identifies the type of data referenced by the DATA attribute. It is recommended that you use this tag whenever you use the DATA attribute.
ARCHIVE Contains a space-separated list of URIs containing resources which may be archived to improve load time in the future. The URIs are resolved according to the CODEBASE URL.
DECLARE When present (no value needs to be assigned,) the element will be considered a declaration only and no object will be created.
STANDBY A message that should be displayed by user-agents while the object is being loaded. Useful in alerting visitors why a section of the content is temorarily missing.


<P><OBJECT CLASSID="http://www.miamachina.it/analogclock.py">
An animated clock.


HTML 4.01
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