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Creates a single line break which is similar to hitting the enter key on your keyboard when you are writing a document in a word processor. The flow of text for the current line is stopped and all following text will be displayed immediately below the current line.

If you run multiple BR tags together, you can create a bigger vertical spacing between elements on your web page.


Attribute Description
ID Identifies this tag to reference in script (program code)
CLASS Define the class used to render this element (defined by a style sheet)
TITLE A title that is associated with the element (displayed as a tooltip in Internet Explorer)
CLEAR [DEPRECATED] Determines how the line break affects the surrounding text (none means line break behaves as normal, left means next line will begin at the left under any floating objects, right means next line will begin in the right margin under any floating objects, all next line will begin at either margin following any floating objects)


One line of text<BR>Followed by another<BR><BR>And yet one more
Renders As:

One line of text
Followed by another

And yet one more


HTML 4.01
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